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Roger Gracie Jiu Jitsu Official Belts

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Sturdy but flexible belt. Available in all rank colors for adults and kids. Featuring the official Roger Gracie label.


Note for UK customers: Please be aware that we ship orders from within the EU. UK customers will be charged additional import duties and VAT by the UK customs.

Size: A0
Color: White

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
No stock but 99% sure it was in stock when i added to my basket?

I thought (99% sure) I had ordered an a2 to match my gi but turns out I have a a0...I'm pretty sure I added a2.. no good, 2 sizes too small...but it's a belt what more can i say. Probably get away with a1 with my small belly but ocd bugs me. Have to use another belt until more are in stock? So im rocking a progress belt with my fuji gi...annoying theyre different brands though. So I have the gi but no belt to fit...

Ygor Cappai
Good quality !!!!

The belt is classic Fuji belt plus Roger Brand ,its nice like Special Edition collection Osss!!!!!

Thanks Fuji Europe for exellent customer care Service .

Peter Munk
Roger Gracie Jiu Jitsu Official Belt

Perfect. Used it for 10+ sessions already, and never had to adjust it.
Just holds perfectly.
I have 1 another belt of different brand, which I have to re-tie 2-3 times per session, so its really a difference.