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Jiu Jitsu Adult Belts

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Style #8000
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A0 / White
A0 / Blue
A1 / White
A1 / Blue
A1 / Purple
A1 / Brown
A1 / Black
A2 / White
A2 / Blue
A2 / Purple
A2 / Brown
A2 / Black
A3 / White
A3 / Blue
A3 / Purple
A3 / Brown
A3 / Black
A4 / White
A4 / Blue
A4 / Purple
A4 / Brown
A4 / Black
A5 / White
A5 / Blue
A5 / Purple
A5 / Brown
A5 / Black
A6 / White
A6 / Blue
A6 / Purple
A6 / Brown
A6 / Black

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FUJI BJJ Belts are high quality, traditional jiu-jitsu belts that are made to withstand years of wear. All FUJI Colored BJJ belts come with Black Bar for rank stripes. Black Belt comes with Red Bar.