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Premium Pearl Weave BJJ Belt

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Style #8000
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A0 / White
A0 / Blue
A0 / Purple
A0 / Brown
A0 / Black
A1 / White
A1 / Blue
A1 / Purple
A1 / Brown
A1 / Black
A2 / White
A2 / Blue
A2 / Purple
A2 / Brown
A2 / Black
A3 / White
A3 / Blue
A3 / Purple
A3 / Brown
A3 / Black
A4 / White
A4 / Blue
A4 / Purple
A4 / Brown
A4 / Black
A5 / White
A5 / Blue
A5 / Purple
A5 / Brown
A5 / Black
A6 / White
A6 / Blue
A6 / Purple
A6 / Brown
A6 / Black
A0 / Black/White
A1 / Black/White
A2 / Black/White
A3 / Black/White
A4 / Black/White
A5 / Black/White
A6 / Black/White

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Sizing Guide


The Premium Pearl Weave belt is built to maintain its shape and color longer than a standard belt. The pearl weave material allows the belt to be tied easier and stay tied. It's time to upgrade your Jiu JItsu belt to the FUJI Premium Pearl Weave Belt, you won't regret it!